Aromatic Tartu Hanseatic Days 2013 are held form July 19 to 21.

Dear townspeople and visitors!


It is a great pleasure to welcome you all back to Tartu Hanseatic Days.

This year Tartu Hanseatic Days will enter into adulthood – this festivity will take place for the 18 times. Tartu Hanseatic Days have become one of the main events in the town; townspeople consider the event to be a natural part of the year and wait for it as anxiously as for the migratory birds or the first snow.


Hereby, the name for the festivities became Tartu Aromatic Hanseatic Days. Scents play an important role in our lives, although we usually do not notice them. Already from the childhood we remember the special scents: pancakes made by mother, grandma’s garden, and vernal bird-cherries on the river bank… These days will add both new and exciting scents as well as old and familiar ones among the Tartu scents.


The Hanseatic Days will not take place only because of the yearning for the Middle Ages: they combine together the past, present and the future of Tartu. Our town soon to be one thousand years old is full of rich and exciting life. I invite you all to participate.


Urmas Kruuse

Mayor of Tartu


Welcome to Tartu!